A Short Film Visual Anthology Poem

Based on Ovid's Metamorphoses

Created by Harvard John

Pantheon is a twenty minute visual anthology, comprised up of thirteen individual visual poems. The smaller sequences will be released and exist as self-contained entities, but will also combine together to create the singular greater, sprawling odyssey that will be Pantheon. It is a visceral exploration that considers the gods and goddesses of the Roman Dii Consentes in the context of present-day Britain.

The thirteen parts to Pantheon will be filmed over the entirety of a year, and shot all over Britain. These parts are as follows:

i. Venus

ii. Mars

iii. Ceres

iv. Apollo

v. Diana

vi. Bacchus

vii. Jupiter

viii. Juno

ix. Vesta

x. Mercury

xi. Vulcan

xii. Minerva

xiii. Neptune