Three monkeys

A trilogy of Short Films

Written and Directed by Harvard John.

Produced by Libby Gervais & Hannah Rashbass.


Three Monkeys is a trio of experimental short films, centred around the theme of romance, designed to explore and challenge the form of film itself. Three different couples. Three different stories. Three new think pieces.


In the interest of inclusion and representation, the main parts in these shorts will be starred exclusively by disabled, queer, and BAME performers.


Auditions are now closed.

Announcement, SIGHT.png
i. Sight.

See no evil.

Cecilia and Dougal have been unlucky in love. A local restaurant is hosting a blind date night and their siblings are eager for them to participate. Could you fall for someone you can't see?

Announcement, SOUND.png
ii. Sound.

Hear no evil.

In a dystopian future, Darian and Nicholas connect over messenger. But is online correspondence too impersonal for the foundations of a successful relationship to be built? In this story, texting is the new love language.

Announcement, SPEECH new.png
iii. Speech.

Speak no evil.

It's Joy's 21st birthday in a couple of days and boyfriend Angel and best friend June want to get her the present of her dreams: a pet rabbit. They go to local rabbit breeder Miss Sissy for help but things get... surprising. Sometimes, things are too good to be true.